22 February, 2013

Final Frontiers - Chapter 5/8

एक सत्ती था वो  Aero का
एक Placement वो चाहता था
नींद से के, उबासी मार के
GD दिया करता था

रात को जाग के, सुबह भाग के
Tests दिया करता था
Apps डाल के, bookmark मार के
Notice Board देखा करता था

कोई company target की थी शायद उसने
जाने क्यों नही कहता था
जब भी मिलता था मुझसे, मुझसे पूछा करता था
ये Core companies कब आएँगी ?
ये Core companies कब आएँगी ?

और मैं, कुछ नहीं कह पाता था…

I’d lost my Lord Of The Rings (the book) in the interview complex while waiting for an IT consulting interview. The next morning, when the test for yet another IT consulting scheduled for 6 AM was postponed by an hour, I decided to look for my book. Arrowed signs took me to the TNP control room where I saw scenes which would put any Earthly creature to shame. And I am one of the people who sincerely believe that Earthlings are few of the most shameless creatures in the galaxy.

I saw 3 PlaceComs, shivering in the cold trying to gather morsels of sleep. These people really went through a lot of trouble and sleepless nights for us. Bah! Who cares? I wasn’t placed. These guys simply weren’t working hard enough.

I saw printed and unprinted sheets of A4 pages lying and flying across the room containing itineraries, student lists, room allocation lists, and what not. I saw a massive printer which must’ve ceased all needs to keep records of printed papers.

But the thing which horrified me most was not a paper or a PlaceCom or a paper stuck on a PlaceCom (or vice-versa). The thing which scared me most was a board. A plain white board which was mostly empty. Only in the 4th Cartesian quarter of the board did I find words. Words which listed names and unless it was some freakish coincidence, the names had only one thing in common. Those were the names of all yet-unplaced fest heads. I knew most of the PlaceComs came from the fests but keeping a board infront of your eyes all the time as a constant reminder of how many of your friends need your help seemed to be out of line. This was an open vulgar display of favoritism by a team which was responsible for the careers of thousands of TTIians. Worst part about it, if reported the only result it would bring would be complications in my own placements and perhaps my degree too. I went out shivering in anger.

That’s when I learnt two very important lessons. One, life is unfair – live with it. And two, power makes people A-holes.

The next time I went to that room was when I was placed and that board was as white as my Aerodynamics copy. Needless to say, all the fest heads had been by then. But a bigger challenge was underway for me. The challenge of being placed. 10 days down I was in a mid-life crisis. I needed to get placed – and fast!